How to Target Your Audience with Animated Explainer Videos

How to Target Your Audience with Animated Explainer Videos

The use of video marketing is becoming increasingly significant in this day and age due to the proliferation of digital technology. Animated explainer videos have become a popular alternative for businesses of all kinds, particularly since more and more companies are turning to video content to sell their goods and services. Explainer films that are animated are not only a fun and engaging method to convey difficult concepts and ideas, but they also help businesses reach a wider audience.

If you are interested in targeting your audience using animated explainer videos, the following is an explanation of how to get started:

Recognizing Who You’re Speaking To

It is essential to have a firm grasp of one’s target demographic before embarking on the production of an animated explainer video. Who are these people? What do they have a passion for? Where do they feel the most discomfort? The first step in making a video that will resonate with your target demographic is to get to know that demographic.

Carrying Doing Research on the Market

Getting to know your target demographic requires a number of steps, one of which is conducting market research. This entails conducting research on your ideal customers in order to identify their likes, dislikes, preferences, and areas of discomfort. When conducting market research, you have access to a wide variety of tools and resources, some of which include surveys, focus groups, and analytics derived from social media.

The Development of Buyer Personas

After you have finished your research on the market, you may construct buyer personas based on the information you have obtained about potential customers. Buyer personas are fictitious individuals that stand in for the types of clients you want to attract. They are based on actual data and insights, and they can assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your audience.

Finding the Appropriate Mood and Voice to Use

There is a wide variety of approaches and moods that can be taken in animated explainer videos. The style and tone that you use will be determined by the audience that you are trying to reach and the message that you are trying to get across.

Selecting the Appropriate Appearance

Whiteboard animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, and motion graphics are some of the several types of animation that can be used in animated explainer movies. Each style has its own own characteristics, and you should select the one that is most appropriate for the message you wish to convey and the people you intend to reach.

Finding the Appropriate Temperament

The disposition of your film should be consistent with the personality and principles of your brand. Also, it ought to be suitable for the people who will be reading it. For instance, if you want to appeal to a younger and more trendy audience, you may want to adopt a tone that is less formal and more conversational.

The Art of Creating Captivating Narratives

A captivating narrative should serve as the basis for every animated explanation video. Your narrative ought to be interesting, enlightening, and easy to recall. Creating an engaging narrative can be accomplished as follows:

The Process of Recognizing the Issue

Determine first the issue that the people who are going to be your target audience are dealing with. This could be a source of discomfort for them or a problem that they are attempting to overcome.

Providing an Outline of the Approach

After you have determined what the issue is, it is time to offer a remedy. Give them an explanation of how the issue may be resolved by using your product or service and how it will make their lives easier.

Presenting Evidence

Please provide proof to substantiate the claims you have made. Information may be presented in the form of data, case studies, or testimonials from existing customers.


Provide a distinct call-to-action at the very end of your video. Urge the people who are reading your content to do something, whether it be going to your website and signing up for a free trial or making a purchase.

Bringing Attention to Your Video

After you have completed the production of your animated explainer film, it is essential to advertise it in an efficient manner. The following are some pointers to help you promote your video:

Sharing on many social media platforms

You should upload your video to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn. Increase your visibility by tagging influencers in your field and using hashtags that are pertinent to your sector.

Incorporating on Your Website (Embedding)

Use the video in the content of your website to boost user engagement and time spent there. Make sure that your movie is optimised for search engines by incorporating the appropriate keywords and metadata.

Email Marketing

In order to boost open rates and overall engagement with your email marketing efforts, include your video content. You can get your audience’s attention by using an attention-grabbing subject line and a thumbnail image.


Explainer videos, especially animated ones, are a fantastic tool for narrowing in on your audience and boosting interaction. You can develop a video that resonates with your audience and accomplishes your marketing goals by first gaining an understanding of your audience, then selecting the appropriate style and tone, then constructing a captivating tale, and then engaging in successful promotion of your video.

You will be able to build a successful animated explainer film with the help of the techniques and strategies that are given in this article. This video will assist you in reaching your target audience and accomplishing your company goals. You can develop a video that resonates with your audience and accomplishes your marketing goals by first gaining an understanding of your audience, then selecting the appropriate style and tone, then constructing a captivating tale, and then engaging in successful promotion of your video.


What exactly is meant by the term “animated explainer video”?

A short video that use animation to teach a difficult concept or idea in a way that is both entertaining and engaging is known as an animated explainer video.

How long is an animated video that explains something supposed to be?

An animated explainer video should ideally be between between one and two minutes long. On the other hand, the length could be shorter or longer depending on how difficult the idea being communicated is.

What is the going rate for the production of an animated explainer video?

The price of making an animated explainer video might change depending on factors such as the length of the movie, its style, and its level of sophistication. The cost might range anywhere from $1,000 all the way up to $10,000 on average.

Are there any restrictions on the types of businesses that can employ animated explainer videos?

Certainly, animated explainer movies are applicable to all kinds of organisations, irrespective of their size or the sector in which they operate. They are an excellent tool for elucidating difficult ideas and keeping the attention of your audience.

How can I determine whether or not my animated film explaining anything is effective?

You can determine how successful your animated explainer video is by monitoring metrics such as the number of views, the amount of engagement, and the rate of conversion. You may also ask the people who have watched your movie what they think of it in order to have a better grasp of how they feel about it. Explainer videos with animations could potentially be used in B2B marketing.

It is possible to employ animated explainer movies for business-to-business (B2B) marketing. In point of fact, they are an excellent method for explaining complicated B2B products and services in a way that is clear and interesting to the audience.

How can I make sure that my animated film explaining anything is optimised for search engines?

You may improve the search engine optimization of your animated explainer video by include pertinent keywords in the title, description, and tags of the video. You may also optimise the video for mobile devices and include a transcript of the video to make it more available to search engines. Both of these options are under the “Optimization” tab of the “Video” menu.

How frequently should I upload new animated explanation videos to my channel?

Depending on your marketing objectives and available resources, the frequency with which you produce animated explainer videos can vary. Yet, it’s crucial to create videos consistently to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Can I utilise comedy in my animated explainer video?

It is true that including some comedy in the animated explainer video you create can be an excellent approach to communicate with your audience and make your message more remembered. Yet, it is essential to utilise humour in an acceptable manner and to check that it is consistent with the character and principles of your business.

What next steps should I take if my animated explainer film isn’t helping me reach my marketing objectives?

You can try modifying the film’s style, tone, or language if your animated explainer video isn’t meeting your expectations in terms of its performance as a marketing tool. To further enhance the quality of the video, you might also give some thought to doing more efficient promotion of the video or making an investment in the services of a professional video production company.

In conclusion, animated explainer videos are a strong tool for targeting your audience and advertising your business. You can develop a video that resonates with your audience and accomplishes your marketing goals by first gaining an understanding of your audience, then selecting the appropriate style and tone, then constructing a captivating tale, and then engaging in successful promotion of your video.

It is essential to approach the process of creating an animated explainer film with both a strategic and creative mindset in order to maximise the likelihood of its being a success. You can make an interesting and effective animated explainer film by combining the suggestions and methods that are mentioned in this article. This will help you connect with your target audience and accomplish the marketing goals that you have set for yourself.

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