Ideal Video Length for Animated Explainer: How Long Should Your Video Be?


If you are thinking about making an animated explainer video, you may be curious about the appropriate length for the video. The optimal length for an animated explainer video is anywhere between sixty and ninety seconds. This may seem brief, but it is vital to keep in mind that people’s attention spans are getting shorter, and shorter movies are more likely to engage people’s interest and participation.

You may ensure that your audience is interested throughout the entirety of the video that you create by keeping it between sixty and ninety seconds long. It also compels you to prioritise the information that is most important to convey and to do it in a style that is both clear and succinct. Keep in mind that the objective of an animated explainer video is to break down difficult ideas into their component parts so that viewers may grasp them easily.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of material to go through, rather than making one big film, you may produce a series of shorter movies. Because of this, you are able to delve further into each subject while yet managing to keep each video succinct and interesting.

It is essential to have a screenplay that is both clear and succinct, with the primary emphasis placed on the information that is most vital, in order to make the most of the available time of sixty to ninety seconds. Make sure you remember to define your message, explain the problem, explain how your solution addresses the problem, and conclude with a call to action. Engage your audience with the use of humorous storytelling tactics, and make your point stick out more in their minds.

The timing of the events in your video is also an essential component to think about. Maintain a steady pace for the entirety of the video, and try not to go too quickly through the material. Make use of visual cues and transitions to maintain the engagement of your audience and to make the film more visually attractive.

It is essential that you take into consideration the medium on which the video will ultimately be published. Videos posted on social media, for instance, might need to be even shorter, whereas videos posted on a website or used for training might be able to be slightly longer.

While you are designing the animated explainer film for your business, it is essential to keep your target demographic in mind. If you want the movie to resonate with them, you should think about their hobbies, the challenges they face, and the way they learn. Simplifying difficult ideas and making the film more interesting to watch can be accomplished through the use of educational voiceovers and animated images.

Also, it is essential to have a profound comprehension of the message you wish to convey as well as the goals you have set for the film. Are you trying to explain a product or service? Is there a particular ability that you wish to pass on? If you have a certain objective in mind, you will be able to produce a video that is more effective in terms of reaching that objective.

After your film has been finished, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of promoting it. It may be used in your email marketing campaigns, it can be embedded on your website, and it can be shared on social media. Your film will be more successful in helping you achieve your objectives to the extent that more people see it.

You should think about putting a call-to-action at the end of your animated explainer film in order to further boost the video’s efficacy. Following the completion of the video, the audience should carry out the task that is outlined in the call-to-action. This might be anything from subscribing to your newsletter to viewing your website to making a purchase from you.

Ensure that the call to action is understandable, succinct, and persuasive. Make use of language that is actionable, and place an emphasis on the positive outcomes that will result from taking the action. Don’t forget to include a means for your audience to take that action, whether it’s a link to your website or a form for them to fill out. Don’t forget to include a way for your audience to take that action.

Monitoring how well your animated explainer video does is another thing that you should prioritise. Use analytics to determine the number of individuals watching the video, the locations from which they are viewing it, and the length of time they spend doing so. Make use of this information to enhance the efficiency of your video and to make well-informed judgements regarding the approach that you will use to sell your business.

In conclusion, an animated explainer video has the potential to be an effective tool for promoting your business, your service, or your idea. You will be able to make the most of the effectiveness of your video and appeal to a larger audience if you include a call-to-action and monitor how well it does. Simplify difficult ideas while also engaging your audience by making use of animated images and informative voiceover. Maintain a length of between sixty and ninety seconds, and market your film through as many different channels as possible in order to attract a larger audience. Keeping these pointers in mind will allow you to produce an animated explainer film that is not only fascinating but also effective in conveying your message and motivating viewers to take some kind of action.

Are you prepared to advance to more advanced levels in your company communication and training? Consider placing an order for an animated explainer video that will feature an instructional voiceover. Your idea may be brought to life in a manner that is both more successful and more efficient with the help of our team of trained specialists who can walk you through the process.

With an animated explainer video, you can simplify difficult business topics and engage your audience in a more effective way. It is an effective method for publicising your company’s goods or services as well as your ideas and motivating your audience to take action.

Do not accept confused presentations or boring training sessions as acceptable alternatives. Make an investment in an animated explainer film that was developed with instructional voiceover, and watch how much of a difference it can make for the success of your company. Get in touch with us right away to get the ball rolling on your personalised video and take the first step towards enhancing the communication and training within your company.

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