The ROI of Animation: How Explainer Videos Can Increase Conversions and Sales

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The use of animation as a marketing tool among companies that want to promote their goods and services has become increasingly common. Explainer videos in particular have established themselves as a standard method of marketing for companies of all sizes. In this piece, we will discuss the return on investment (ROI) of animation as well as the ways in which explainer videos can boost conversions and sales.

Raise Consumer Awareness of the Brand

Explainer videos have several advantages, but one of the most important ones is that they can boost brand awareness. You can pique the interest of your target audience and leave an impression that will stay with them if you present your company’s brand and product in a manner that is both interactive and aesthetically pleasing. In the long run, this can help to grow sales by helping to develop trust and loyalty with the clients you have.

Simplify Concepts That Are Complicated.

Explainer videos are also useful for breaking out difficult concepts or intricately designed products. You may simplify difficult ideas into easily understandable chunks of information by employing animation and storytelling in your presentation. This can assist to educate your consumers and potential customers about the benefits and features of your product, making it easier for them to understand and make informed purchasing decisions. This can also help to educate your business on how to better serve your customers.

Boost Participation Rates

When compared to other types of information, such as text or still images, animation inherently possesses a higher level of engagement. You can create a visually captivating experience in your explainer videos by making use of animation. This will allow you to grab the attention of your viewers and keep them interested throughout the movie. This can help to enhance the likelihood that they will watch the entirety of your video and take some sort of action.

Enhance the Metrics of Your Website

Website metrics like bounce rates and total time spent on a page can also be improved by using explainer movies. You may encourage people to remain on your page for a longer period of time and connect with your content by embedding a video on your website. This can help to lower the percentage of visitors that immediately leave your website and raise the average length of time they spend there. In addition, you may enhance the possibility that site visitors will take action, such as completing a purchase or filling out a contact form, by delivering useful information to them in the form of a video.

Boost both your conversions and your sales.

All marketing campaign should ultimately be geared on increasing conversions and revenues as its end goal. To accomplish this objective, explainer videos are a useful tool that can be used. Explainer videos have the potential to assist drive conversions and sales by raising brand awareness, making complicated concepts easier to understand, boosting user engagement, and enhancing website metrics. According to research conducted by Wyzowl, 74 percent of customers who viewed an explainer video about a product went on to make a purchase after seeing the video.


Explainer videos come with a number of advantages, one of which is the fact that they can be an efficient marketing strategy. Even though the upfront expenses of producing an explainer video might be higher than the costs of producing other forms of content, such as blog entries or social media postings, the potential long-term advantages might surpass the initial expenditure. Explainer videos are a versatile and efficient marketing strategy because they can be utilised across numerous platforms, such as social media, email marketing, and your website.

Explainer videos are also extremely shareable due to their educational value. You may encourage audience members to share your video with their friends and followers on social media by producing a film that is interesting to watch and contains useful information. A larger audience and greater brand recognition are two potential benefits of doing so.

Create a niche for your product or service.

In order to differentiate your brand and make yourself noticeable in a competitive market, it is essential to stand out from the competitors. You can accomplish this goal with the assistance of explainer videos. You can differentiate your brand and develop a unique identity that sets you apart from the competition by using animation and storytelling to promote your product or service. This will help you stand out from the crowd of other businesses. This can help to cultivate trust and loyalty among your clientele, which in turn can contribute to a rise in your overall market share.

Create Emotional Links To Your Audience

The ability to develop emotional connections with your audience is another benefit that can be gained by using explainer films. You can establish an emotional connection with your audience by using animation and storytelling to highlight the advantages and functions of your product. In the long run, this can help to grow sales by helping to develop trust and loyalty with the clients you have.

Measure Your Outcomes

In conclusion, it is essential to monitor the performance of your explainer films in order to ascertain whether or not they generate a positive return on investment (ROI). You can assess how successful your video and promotional campaign is by tracking metrics like the number of views, the amount of engagement, and the number of conversions. Because of this, you will be able to make judgements based on statistics regarding how to maximise the effectiveness of your future advertising activities. You may also obtain feedback from viewers by conducting surveys or posting questions on social media in order to have a better understanding of what aspects of the content resonated with them and what aspects of the content should be improved.

Explainer films are a strong marketing tool that may raise brand exposure, explain complicated topics, increase engagement, improve website metrics, and ultimately drive conversions and sales. [Case in point:] They are a sort of content that is easily shareable, which can differentiate your business and help you develop emotional connections with your audience. They are also cost effective. You will be able to produce a high-quality video that conveys your message in an efficient manner and delivers results if you collaborate with an experienced animation studio and measure the impact of your efforts. If you want to boost the number of customers who make purchases from your company, you should seriously consider making an investment in an explainer film right now.

If you are at the point where you are prepared to make an investment in an explainer film for your company, you should think about working with our team here at Educational Voice. We are a skilled animation studio situated in Belfast with an established track record of producing high-quality explainer movies for businesses ranging in size from small startups to multinational corporations. You may make a video with the help of our skills in animation, storytelling, and marketing, and it will be able to successfully communicate the message you want to convey and drive results. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to obtain additional information and launch your subsequent advertising campaign!

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